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Hell Warders

Hell Warders from Anti Gravity Game Studios

Classic Tower Defense game mixed with some RPG elements and a hint of dungeon crawler feel for aesthetics. You play as 1 of 3 Heroes to place your defenses, level up, and aide in fighting off the waves of enemies. Each of the Heroes plays a little differently; from the weapons they wield to the powers they have. Most maps start out pretty easy before the game ramps up along with periodic spikes in difficulty. The game provides a decent variety of defensive units that you unlock during the story/levels. It has boss battles and supports up to 4 player online co-op which you’ll need to take advantage of if you want to get 5 stars on the later levels.

Beat Cop

Beat Cop from Pixel Crow

A pixel art adventure as a Cop in NY during the 1980’s. The story starts off with your partner getting murdered right before retiring like all good 80s-90s cop movies. The gameplay is fun but gets repetitive as your days consists of writing tickets, having cars towed, busting criminals, getting donuts, working with the Mob or not, taking bribes or not and a few other tasks. The game nails the 80’s feels with the music and the little bits of humor (some crude, some not) throughout the story and during some of the side missions/tasks.


RICO from Ground Shatter

A Procedurally-generated FPS, where you play as a Police officer is a RICO task force taking down criminal gangs with many different weapons. You move around the levels breaching doors, killing bad guys, defusing bombs, collecting intel and money. It has a few different modes including a horde mode called Lockdown, daily challenges Local and Online Co-op campaign, leader boards which all adds to the replayability of the game.

Awesome Pea

A simple clean platformer with simple clean controls. It has a old school Gameboy art style, soundtrack and feel. Easy to pick up and play but a little short on levels.

Riddled Corpses EX

A Twin-stick shooter with a pixel art-style and good controls. It has an addictive grind to get enough gold to unlock and level up the characters as most of the characters have an extra ability. It also has power ups and a hint of RPG. It has interesting levels, crazy bosses and a few different game play modes.