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We are a consortium of gamers with typically short attention spans. We got tired of reading long reviews only to find the good parts at the end. So we figured why not write a review that just gives you the good parts? And that’s how we got started here at We write game reviews that fit in a tweet or 2.

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7th Sector

7th Sector from Publisher Sometimes You and Developer Носков Сергей A really good and challenging puzzle game. A side scrolling dystopian cyberpunk puzzle game. This is a visually dark game with a correspondingly dark narrative. The lighting and color palette really...

Music Racer

Music Racer From AbstractArt and Sometimes You A futuristic driving rhythm game and light show. You select your vehicle, the music track, the game mode, and the level. Your objective is to collect the notes by driving over them while avoiding red obstacles. At the end...

Williams Pinball: Volume 5

Williams Pinball: Volume 5 From Zen Studios A DLC pack of 3 Pinball Tables for PinBall FX3 This is a classic pinball game that harkens back to long hours spent at the arcade. All of the tables let you toggle between a snazzy animated landscape and the original version...

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SokoBunny from Publisher and Developer DillyFrame Cute cartoony puzzle game that offers multiple difficulty levels to fit players’ skill. Very similar to the previous Bunny title with some improvements. A Soko Puzzle Game This is a slide puzzle type game similar to...

Active Neurons

Active Neurons from Publisher Sometimes You and Developer Nikolai Usachev Relaxing music, challenging puzzles, excellent accessibility options A logic puzzle Each puzzle is contained within a single screen. You’ll need to move an energy block to the flashing goal...

Woodle Tree 2 Deluxe Plus

Woodle Tree 2 Deluxe Plus from Publisher Chubby Pixel and Developer Fabio Ferrara A cute platformer unfortunately plagued with glitches. Some can be worked around, some can be game breaking. An open world 3d platformer. You play as Woodle whose world has been taken...

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