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We are a consortium of gamers with typically short attention spans. We got tired of reading long reviews only to find the good parts at the end. So we figured why not write a review that just gives you the good parts? And that’s how we got started here at We write game reviews that fit in a tweet or 2.

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A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence from Asobo Studio A 3rd person action adventure stealth game. You play as Amicia de Rune, a young teenager and the oldest child of a Lord, during the 14th century in France at the height of the deadly Black Plague. Her mother, Lady de Rune, is...

Fade to Silence

Fade to Silence from Black Forest Games An open-world survival game with some RPG elements, a hint of base building, and resource management. It is set in a post-apocalyptic winter. Snow and ice cover the landscape. You have to deal with starvation, hypothermia,...


Ascendance from ONEVISION GAMES A colorful First Person 3D Platformer.  The art style is a minimalistic, low poly with very colorful platforms and backgrounds. The audio is calming, relaxing, and adds to the atmosphere. The gameplay is simple. You traverse the...

Most Recent Reviews

2064: Read Only Memories

2064: Read Only Memories from Midboss A cyberpunk point and click visual novel. The story is set in Neo San Francisco during the year 2064; just in case you couldn’t guess by the title. You are met by a Relationship Organizational Manager (ROM) named Turing. Your...

We Were Here

We Were Here from Total Mayhem Games An Online only Co-op Puzzle Game You are one of a pair of explorers who got lost in a blizzard. You found and entered a castle to escape the storm only to wake up separated from your partner.  One of the players will be the...

Super Jumpy Ball

Super Jumpy Ball from A Simple 2D Platform Game You play as a Ball and have to make it from one end of the level to a flag at the other end. The entire level fits on your screen at one time making it pretty easy to plan your routes. Each level has a...

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