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We are a consortium of gamers with typically short attention spans. We got tired of reading long reviews only to find the good parts at the end. So we figured why not write a review that just gives you the good parts? And that’s how we got started here at We write game reviews that fit in a tweet or 2.

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Crashbots from Sometimes You An Auto-runner were you make your way through the levels as a robot collecting stars and coins, finding power to keep your robot alive, and picking up robot parts to build/unlock another robot. As the robot you can jump, slide, and shoot....


Vaporum from Fatbot Games Single player, First Person, Steampunk style, grid-based, RPG, dungeon crawler. You start at the base of a tower in an Exoskeleton Rig and work your way up to the top, floor by floor. Each level of the tower and has its own challenges,...


Metagal from Retro Revolution 16-bit sidescrolling platformer with a Megaman feel. You make your way thru the levels as a female cyborg traversing platforms, hitting a sporadic check point or 2, defeating enemies, and end up in a boss battle. Once you defeat the boss...

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The Tower Of Beatrice

The Tower Of Beatrice from Sometimes You A single screen point and click puzzle game  The game starts out with a few pretty simple puzzles that are easy to figure out but becomes more complicated and difficult with each proceeding level as expected. After a few...


OVIVO From IzHard A simple momentum and gravity based platformer that mixes art and gameplay.  You play as OVO, a color changing ball with an antenna. Your objective is to reach a spot in the middle of the map. To do this you make your way around the level by...

Adventures of Bertram Fiddle Episode 1 – A Dreadly Business

Adventures of Bertram Fiddle Episode 1 - A Dreadly Business From Chorus Worldwide A point and click murder mystery adventure game set in Victorian London. You play as Bertram Fiddle, a Detective, explorer, and adventurer with your trusty man-servant Gavin. While...

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