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We are a consortium of gamers with typically short attention spans. We got tired of reading long reviews only to find the good parts at the end. So we figured why not write a review that just gives you the good parts? And that’s how we got started here at We write game reviews that fit in a tweet or 2.

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Paper Flight – Speed Rush Review

Paper Flight - Speed Rush from Publisher and Developer EpiXR Games A simple and potentially relaxing game for those that actually want to play it. Very quick and easy achievements for the gamerscore hunters who don’t. Paper Flight - Speed Rush is a slow paced relaxing...

Flat Heroes Review

Flat Heroes from Publisher and Developer Parallel Circles Not for the faint of heart or easily frustrated. Fast paced platforming with high degree of difficulty. Flat Heroes is a fast-paced, minimalistic, intense, action platformer. You control a square just trying to...

Most Recent Reviews

Super Space Club Review

Super Space Club from Publisher and Developer GrahamOfLegend Similar to the arcade classic “Asteroids” but with some nice updates and improvements. Great for a pick up and play “endless mode” type gameplay experience whether you have a little bit of time or a lot....

Cat and Ghostly Road Review

Cat and Ghostly Road from Publisher Sometimes You and Developer BOV Games Fairly standard point and click game play mechanics. Enjoyable story and characters. Very nice art with extras in “Cat Vision”.  This is a point-and-click game where you play a cat going on a...

Hero Survival Review

Hero Survival from Publisher Sometimes You and Developer Pigeon Dev Games Rougelite shmup mashup featuring a host of halloween horrors. Beware the Flintlock weapon due to game breaking glitch.  Hero Survival is a roguelite game in which you fight off hordes of...

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