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We are a consortium of gamers with typically short attention spans. We got tired of reading long reviews only to find the good parts at the end. So we figured why not write a review that just gives you the good parts? And that’s how we got started here at We write game reviews that fit in a tweet or 2.

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Super Destronaut: Land Wars

Super Destronaut: Land Wars from Publisher Ratalaika Games and Developer Petite Games Repetitive but enjoyable retro FPS A Neon First Person Shooter The game is a First Person Shooter where you shoot enemies and pick up the coins they drop to buy upgrades for weapons...

Hidden Through Time

Hidden Through Time from Publisher and Developer Crazy Monkey Studios A modern animated Where’s Waldo enjoyable for all ages. Wonderful relaxing music and animations that are both cute and entertaining.  A point and click where's Waldo-esk animated hidden items game....

Bunny Parking

Bunny Parking from Publisher and Developer DillyFrame Harder than you’d think for a cartoony “kids” puzzle game. A Slide Puzzle Game  You play as a bunny who is a valet and needs to move a Red car from one end of a parking lot to the other. The lot is full of vehicles...

Most Recent Reviews

Bunny Memory

Bunny Memory from Publisher and Developer DillyFrame A bunny-fied digital version of the classic memory card game. Couch co-op and single player options. A card matching memory game A bunny twist on the classic memory card game. Instead of being limited to images like...

A Summer With The Shiba Inu

A Summer With The Shiba Inu from Publisher Ratalaika Games and Developer Quill Studios A long story with a nice soundtrack. Convenient mechanics for scrolling back to reread passages. Lots of Dog puns. A Visual Novel with Puns This is a visual novel set in a world of...

Task Force Kampas

Task Force Kampas from Publisher Eastasiasoft and Developer Casiopea Wave Fairly short and straightforward SHMUP with good boss battles. A few missed opportunities that could’ve enhanced game play but still enjoyable for what it is. A vertical shoot em up Task Force...

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