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Odium To The Core

A side scroller music based game with a single button controls, crazy soundtrack and a simple yet great art style. The game play is fun and frustrating at the same time and hitting a checkpoint never felt so good as well as needed.


A side scrolling shoot-em-up, with a hint of RPG in ship upgrades and skills. You can replay levels for earn other rewards as well as the option to re-roll the level rewards for something more useful. The controls are good, the combat is hard but gets better the more powerful your ship becomes and the soundtrack has a retro feel to it.

Big Crown Showdown

A fun couch co-op platformer with several levels, cute characters, crazy hats and combat. The online has a bunch of options including Custom games. Sadly the online is a little dead at the moment for this fun game.

Hellfront :Honeymoon

A twin-stick strategy shooter with Awesome Music, really fun to play and an addictive “just one more try” feel. As well as online leaderboards for beating the level as fast as possible, which added to the one more try addiction.

Demetrios – The Big Cynical Adventure

A point and click game with an fun art style, a crazy sense of humor and an interesting story. You get “hints” from eating cookies that you find in random places and sometimes places you would hope never to find a cookie. It has mini games that you will enjoy and drive you crazy at the same time as well as some crazy Game Over screens that will make you laugh and wonder what just happened.