Batman Arkham Knight Review

BAK Batman Arkham Knight is the third installment in Rocksteadys Arkham universe. This game pits the dark knight against his toughest villains in one last battle for Gotham city. we also are introduced to a new and mysterious foe; the Arkham Knight.

Game play: Rocksteady struck gold with their innovative “Free flow combat” system, and with each game they have made improvements. Arkham knight is no exception. combat is fluid and fast pace with plenty variations to play with. Predator mode has you stalk your prey and take them down from the shadows, and is one of the highlights of being batman. it is beyond satisfying to trick an enemy into turning away from his allies , and pick them off one at a time. The AI on your enemies are smart, and they wont fall for the same trick twice. if they know you do a lot of take downs from floor grates the will randomly bomb the entrances to them. if you sneak behind them too much they will buddy up, so you are always changing how you play, and keeping every fight fresh. The big selling point in this game is the authentic Batman experience, and that experience would not be complete without a drivable batmobile . well its more of a Bat tank to be honest , and it is so much fun to tear through Gotham in this massive vehicle.

Story: The Arkhamverse has a rich and detailed lore behind every game, and comic; the same can be said here. Akham Knights story is a wild ride every moment felt like an escalation, and I never truly felt like i got a rest. the city was falling apart ,and I was barely slowing it down. I loved that feeling.  The story is a winner in my book.

Visuals: Gotham city is gorgeous and massive. the map is separated into three huge islands, and they all have a unique still to them. the rain effects look great ,and feel real in the way it interacts with the environment.

Cons, Issues, complaints: I ran into very few glitches while playing this game. The only one that stood out was a glitch with the rain effects; sometimes it wouldn’t turn off when going inside buildings. Other than that i have no real qualms about the game itself. I do have an Issue with Season Passes but that is a whole different post. There are some moments where the voice acting is not quite as great as other moments, but the acting is consistent overall.

Final thoughts : This is a great game ,and completely worth your time and money.

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Mortal Kombat X Review.

Mortal_Kombat_X_Cover_ArtGET OVER HERE!  rings in my ear as the Scorpion impales me with his kunai and drags me close for a bone shattering kombo. This is just a taste of what you can experience when purchasing Mortal Kombat X.  This exciting addition to the MK family was developed by NetherRelm, and is their second entry in the series. MKX is amazing to look at with high quality visuals,and unique character designs for both new characters, and returning Kombantants. The star of the show here is the game play, and this game is doing it right. Each hit feels good and executing kombos is extremely rewarding. The control scheme isn’t too difficult for first timers to pick up , but it has plenty of variation for the pros.  There is a story mode in the game and its a bit wonky as far as plot goes, but that wasn’t much of an issue . My only real issue with this game are the “Krypt”  and “Test Your Might” modes. The krypt forces you to spend “Koins” to unlock concept art and certain fatalities. You can bypass this by buying them all for twenty dollars, which is something I do not appreciate in the slightest. Test your might is my least liked mode in the entire game. This mode requires you to  button mash until you have built enough strength to break the object placed in front of you. In my opinion this mode is dull in every sense of the word and adds nothing to the Mortal Kombat experience.

Mortal Kombat X is a fantastic game only marred by those two game modes. This game is a must have for any fighting game fan and has will keep you coming back time after time.  TL;DR 9/10 great game

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